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Theological Reflections by the Reverend B. Lloyd - Restorative Justice

(with editorial assistance from Elizabeth Struthers Malbon)

About B Lloyd

The Rev'd Robert Baldwin Lloyd ("B") has been a resident of the Blacksburg area since 1956, although his family connections go back much farther, when his father, the Rev'd Hubert Lloyd was rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Blacksburg in the 1920s. (He also later served as a missionary to Japan.) "B," a graduate of the Virginia Seminary, began his ministry in the Episcopal Churches of Louisa and Mineral, Virginia, before coming to Blacksburg as Episcopal Campus Minister.

In the 1980s he was national director of the Appalachian Peoples' Service Organization (APSO), while continuing his service to the church and academic community. He is well-remembered by many of his former students as an advocate for social justice, civil rights, and the welfare of the people of Appalachia, especially leading and organizing those concerned about mining and mountain top removal. APSO is now Episcopal Appalachian Ministries. Also for many years, he served as priest and advisor to the Monacan People at Bear Mountain in Amherst County.

Married to the late Mary Ellen West Lloyd, he has a son, Roby, and daughters Cammie and Becky.
(This brief sketch is by Bob Miller, one of those remembering students. The larger photo to the right is by Rex Hartson.)

Recently B has taken the time to write his reflections on his long-time and continuing interest in the welfare of prisoners in the "justice" system. The PDF versions can be downloaded and are located below the photo of B and Mary Ellen on this webpage.

B would welcome your comments and questions; you may write to him at 3202 Matthews Lane, Blacksburg, VA 24060.

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